When it comes to family lawyers in Texas, we have built our reputation on our blend of sensitivity and a laser eye for detail. We support individuals with cases ranging from divorce to child custody, child support to enforcement.

No matter your need, our legal team will support you every step of the way so you can begin to heal.


Divorce cases are unique and require personalized support to achieve the best result. You need a legal team that understands your circumstances and works hard to secure the best outcome. We partner with you to make this process as smooth as possible, working to resolve issues with minimal conflict and secure a satisfying result for your family. 

Child Custody

Child custody cases are challenging for everyone involved, but with the right support, you can arrive at a fair resolution. No matter your unique family situation, we understand that your children come first. Adey Law Firm works to ensure your custody case runs smoothly for all parties and arrives at the optimal arrangement for your children. 

Child Support

Child support issues can cause challenges for divorced or separated couples, so it is crucial to arrive at, and honor, a fair agreement. At Adey Law Firm, our team helps parents determine and uphold these agreements for the support their children deserve, so they can continue to thrive.


Family law cases often involve several parties, so you might require legal support to enforce terms laid out for divorce, child support, or other specific circumstances. If you are owed payment related to a family legal arrangement, our team can help ensure the payor complies with the terms.


We know that family situations are fluid and ever-changing. Sometimes, post-divorce terms require modification to re-establish the fairest arrangement for all parties. Equitable terms take effort to uphold, so you need quality support on your side when issues arise. If you need to modify any agreed or court ordered terms, our family lawyers in Texas are here to help. 

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